The Piedmont
Interfaith Council
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-About PIC-

As a part of the 175th Anniversary Celebration of the City of Greensboro, Dr. James E. Hull, was asked by our city leaders to stage a citywide gathering highlighting the community's spiritual heritage. This "Ecumenical Celebration of Thanksgiving" was held in 1983 in the heart of the city at the Carolina Theater.

The multi-media presentation was sensitive to include the Native Americans; all age groups; as well as all races; all cultural, ethnic and faith groups in our city. It was truly a Thanksgiving Celebration that brought the diverse community together and that everyone could enter into enthusiastically.

When that presentation was over many people said, "We should do this every Thanksgiving." Recognizing the need to foster communication and understanding across religious and racial lines, and after much thought and consultation with community leaders, Dr. Hull and his wife, Jo Welch Hull, developed the idea of establishing the Piedmont Interfaith Council (PIC).

From its beginning in 1983, Piedmont Interfaith Council's goal has been to nourish and expand the ecumenical spirit and to promote an understanding and appreciation of cultural differences within the Piedmont community. The Council has been an inclusive, locally based, volunteer organization, never charging admission for any program or for any service rendered to the community. For more than 25 years it has worked to promote understanding and appreciation and to provide accurate perceptions of those comprising our pluralistic society.

Today, PIC serves as a grass roots effort at every age level, for interfaith activities and cooperative ventures between all religious and multicultural groups within our community.

PIC Advisory Board

The PIC Board of Directors is composed of local citizens representing a wide variety of vocations, including educators, business executives, engineers & social work. Its members represent all races, and faith traditions including the Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Baha'i and Native Americans.

Current members include-

Kim Barker
Katja Brown
Vandy Chhum 
Daniel Foster
Akir Khan
Amber Khan
Michael Robinson
Nalini Sankar 
Anita Shaver 
Kathy Elaine Walker
Board Officers 2018:
Chair: Akir Khan
Vice-chair: Nalini Sankar
Secretary: Katja Brown
Treasurer: Daniel Foster

Triad Tapestry Children’s Chorus:
Melissa Burris
The Piedmont Interfaith Council
PO Box 39359
Greensboro, NC 27438