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Click here for Dr. Hull's obituary from the Greensboro News and Record.

The PIC Community shares their remembrances of Dr. Hull. 

Without Dr. Hull and his wife’s activities during the past 34 years, many interfaith activities in our community would not have taken place. The contribution they have made to this community with their joint founding of the Piedmont Interfaith Council cannot be overestimated. Dr. Hull has made significant contributions in improving the quality of life for all of our citizens here in Greensboro/High Point. Certainly, he represents the highest ideals of the NCCJ in promoting understanding and respect among all races, religions and cultures.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his beloved wife Jo at this time. Our community has lost a giant of a man.

May the memory of this righteous man be a blessing for us, now and always.

Temple Emanuel

My heart is absolutely shattered from this news and is in pain, not for Jim, since he has entered the Paradise of His presence, but for our loss of such an angel and deprived of his guidance for true spiritual life and service, for which he never slowed down one moment in his life.  He was gift of God for our community and will be deeply missed.

Rezvan "Rez" R. Oskui, P.E.

A dark day indeed! This is a time of immense change in the world.

Tangela Stanley

It was with deep sadness that I read your e-mail about Jim Hull. On behalf of the Hindu Society of Greensboro we offer our deepest condolences to a family who have taken up such an important task as interfaith dialogue as part of their life.

Nalini G. Sankar

Indeed, such sad, sad news - but what a celebration of a life well lived! It certainly is in times such as these that community and faith are so precious.  Jo, the Quaker community will definitely be holding you in the Light  -  as will the entire community in its own ways.  What a tribute to Jim to have so many prayers in so many ways wafting heavenward and outward!

Max Carter

Very sad to know this terrible news. But let us remember that ‘HE’ lived a ‘MODEL’ life. I am pretty sure that God has welcomed him in HIS arms with all the smiles.
May God bless his soul for ever and give all of us strength to bear this ‘Unbearable’ loss especially to Jo.

Dr. H. Singh

I, too, had read the news in the morning's paper and was taken to my knees.  Jim and Jo have been such loyal and dear friends to me and to all of us in PIC and to the community.  I will miss him and will have a void in my life that cannot be filled. 

Ann Pember

Jim was an incredibly well-educated man who was - among other things - a Methodist minister, a United States Navy Chaplain, a civil rights activist, and the chair of the philosophy and religion dept at Greensboro College.  He and Jo dedicated their lives to doing two things: raising their family and combating prejudice and bigotry.  For his work, Jim received many awards, but I don't think many people in our community truly realize the depth and significance of his efforts, because the Hulls have never wanted recognition or praise for what they have done.  In their minds, there were not any alternative actions or other ways to live - they, as a couple, "walked the talk" in every possible way.

An amazing and beloved man is now gone from our midst, but his spirit will live on through his wife, through his family, and especially, through YOUR children.  The chorus would probably not have begun or made it this long without the driving force of Jim and Jo Hull's love and energy so strongly behind it during its first decade of existence.  To him and to her, we will always owe a tremendous debt of gratitude, and I know his love will always be with us as we work together to take up where he left off and pledge to keep such important dreams alive.

Melissa Burris


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