The Piedmont
Interfaith Council
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Celebrate, Communicate, Cooperate
Piedmont Interfaith Council Programs

PIC has been a pioneer in initiating programs bringing together all facets of our diverse population. The mission of PIC must be sustained as our world becomes smaller and our Community becomes increasingly more representative of our global society.

Community-Wide Ecumenical Celebration of Thanksgiving

--expressing through music, dance and rituals the tapestry of the diverse spiritual and cultural traditions of our community. It is designed as a celebration of thanks for the unique differences that can enrich our daily lives, and to express appreciation for all we share in common as a human family.

Triad Tapestry Children’s Chorus

---a non-audition opportunity freely available to children of all backgrounds and faith traditions to join in harmony and friendship. Performing the music of diverse traditions in many world languages, the Chorus offers a unique experience for the children, their families and Triad audiences.

Community Forums

--where a diverse cross section of local citizens can address issues of common concern within an open atmosphere of genial curiosity and trust. Forums offer opportunities for fresh insight and leadership from nationally renowned speakers and panelists.

Sponsoring in Partnership

with other community organizations additional events that continue the mission of PIC and foster unity within the human family.


The Piedmont Interfaith Council
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